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Top Music Producer in Moundsville

Mountain Records is the best music producer in the Moundsville area. Get ready to hear your songs and music in a whole new light. Lay down tracks in our industry-standard recording studio or commission a piece of music for your next album. Whatever you need, you will receive a professional-quality recording, expertly arranged and mixed. We offer all these services at affordable rates. For more information, call us at 304 845 3476.

A Quality Set-Up

You may have spent years working on the collection of songs you want to record with us. Rest assured, our equipment, studio set-up and engineers are all first-rate. An industry-standard recording studio, filled with great equipment and manned by a team of engineers and mixers. From the initial recording to the arrangement and mixing, we’ll create a final result with all of the characteristics and personality that you’re looking for. We use Harrison Mixbus with a terabyte tower. You will get a USB thumb drive for a working copy to monitor your daily progress at home and to keep a hold of your masters.

A Great Value Option

While our equipment, studio and staff are up there with the best, we don’t believe in charging top rate for access to our facilities. We keep our prices as low and affordable as possible because we want as many people as possible to be able to experience the rush of recording their own songs with a quality set-up.


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24/7 availability
Free consultation
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Wi-Fi on premise
Bike parking available
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All services
All services
Music Production Services
Temporary Logistics Staffing

Music Production Services

Temporary Logistics Staffing

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